August 25th-31st

here are the tracks and here is where they bend...

Week One…

I might as well say Hello and introduce myself.  My name is Garrett Seiple and I’m a photographer.  Ok, introductions aside: Welcome!

This is the first installment of a 52 week project that I am embarking on.  An exploration of the island that I call home: it’s history, it’s iconoclastic and ignored features and how they relate to who I am.  I will also feature seasonal explorations of the island and strobist info on all my images. Both the images themselves and the strobist info will be available on Flickr. This blog has many influences and inspirations ranging from friends and family to professionals and philanthropists.  Though the main influence for this project is Dustin Diaz and the main inspiration comes from Zack Arias.

I chose my first location based on a myriad of reasons. First, I shot these tracks about 13 years ago when I got my drivers license and my first SLR, it was a Minolta Something and the camera found its demise while on the floor of my Oldsmobile when the car started to leak coolant into the passenger seat floor board. That photo was an early attempt at trying to capture a precipice that I was standing on, a moment in my young life that feels similar to today.
Second, the metaphoric reasons…The tracks equal movement and moving is what I have been doing for the last ten years (Rhode Island, Florida, London, Arizona, Alaska, New York, California, Rhode Island). But here is a bend in the tracks, here is where everything changes.
Third, the tracks themselves. The Old Colony Railroad was first named the Newport and Fall River Railroad and was connected to the island via the stone bridge on the north east portion of the island on November 19th, 1863. Up until that point Newport had been one of the epicenters for commercial shipping on the eastern seaboard and with the completion of this railway, a new chapter in both the social and economical history was started. The railway brought commerce, the inception of local tourism as we know it (round trip day rate from Boston to Newport was one dollar), and was the main component to Middletown and Portsmouth being populated.

Ok, long first post but here are the links:
Strobist/Set Up



4 Responses to “August 25th-31st”

  1. Good luck in your new endeavor. I like the imagery of the first shot. I’m anxious to see what’s’ around the bend!

  2. This is amazing Garrett!! Come to CA and teach me more! I love everything you take!

  3. I too will enjoy this blog. Stumbled upon it on facebook.Nice, Garrett!

  4. […] rail lines that crossed the foot of this property on the western shore of our island (remember my first post!?).  In 1905 Mr. Brayton hired Joseph Carreiro as the superintendent gardener and Carreiro is the […]

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