September 1st – 7th

light through darkness

Week Two…

I shot St. Mary’s Church in honor of my mother who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  It was my mother who brought St. Mary’s into our life.  She started out volunteering at their soup kitchen and sending out the weekly bulletin and then found employment there for years afterward.  As a child I grew up in this church, never quite understanding its scope but amazed, nonetheless.  Always finding time to steal away and wander about I knew every nook and cranny of the church:  the smoothness of the backs of the pews, the patterns of the stone work on the floors, the textures of the fabric behind the altar and ultimately the stained glass.  I would get lost staring at the patterns and images, the stories and symbols of a faith lit in radiant color.

St. Mary’s was dedicated in 1852 under the name: The Holy Name of Mary, Our Lady of the Isle.  It was built by members of the parish, each taking a day a week to help dig the foundation. The glass is from an Austrian company which was called The Tyrolean Art Glass Company and was installed in 1894.  St. Mary’s is the oldest Catholic parish in Rhode Isand.


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One Response to “September 1st – 7th”

  1. When I was 5 years old I met John F. Kennedy after church at St. Mary’s. He was in church on the day my father and I went to mass. After the mass was over, he came out and greeted eveyone in the crowd. Imagine how exciting that was for me and how terrible it was for me to hear about him being murdered just few months after meeting him.

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