September 8th – 14th

An old quiet silence

Week Three…

Though the steam is building with this project I wanted to shoot something soft and soothing for this post.  Last weekend was ripe with activities and adventures and well, by the time sunset came on Monday, there was little more I wanted to do than to relax in the grass so I shot what I was feeling.

This was taken at the back side of the Glen out in Portsmouth.  Most people know about the polo grounds in the front and the Glen Manor House in the back of the property however there is an equestrian facility and some ball fields in the middle of the property which are tucked away in the woods.  The property has rolling hills and a path that follows a river through the woods and into the Sakonnet River.  I plan on shooting in the woods later in the blog, there is just this Tolkienesk feeling to the woods that I think needs to be captured in the fall, or maybe fresh with snow???

The land was originally purchased in 1882 and was groomed as a cattle farm.  The property has changed hands a few times, including a period of time when the Sisters of the Sacred Heart used the property as the grounds for their school.  The land now belongs to the town of Portsmouth.

For this shot I employed my off camera flash set up.  I used it as a fill light on the front side of the shack so I could expose the woods as I wanted.  I recently bought a second flash and another Pocket Wizard (wireless transmitter which connects the flash and the camera) and am looking forward to more elaborate lighting set ups!


Set Up (really a strobist link this time!)


5 Responses to “September 8th – 14th”

  1. Wonderful shot! Thanks for the new post!

  2. Very nice. I think it’s my favorite so far.

  3. You are a well composed writer and artist. I love following your work. Great job!

  4. Garrett, did you know that I went to Elmhurst Academy of the Sacred Heart for a while? I loved going to school there, beautiful site.

  5. Marvelous! I’ve noticed a lot of browns in the first three weeks and it seems really fitting because I think its one of the strongest, though subtlest, hues of late August/early September. On the strong and subtle note, have you ever noticed how things on the Island become tinted with hues of purple and red during September? Especially fields and meadows, like those around the Bird Sanctuary. It’s one of my favorite things. This composition made me think that you’d be adept at capturing that.

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