September 15th – 21st

little dreams

Week Four…

Even though I have a list of ideas, both in my head and on scraps of paper strewn about my office, I woke this morning with nothing shot and nothing screaming inspiration.  What had me stalled was the duality that this week presents.  This is the last week of summer and I wanted to capture something that was summer but wasn’t beach chairs and spf 15.  I wanted to capture the slow aspects of what the last week of summer means: one more trip to the beach, maybe that last cup of Del’s, one last cone from Frosty Freeze…and maybe putting the dingy back for the season?  I drove the eastern coast of the island this morning, stopping where I thought inspiration may be and taking stock for future locations until I came upon Island Park.  I tic-tacked through the back roads until I came upon this location and simply pulled off the side of the road, took out the tri-pod and went to work.

Island Park is a neighborhood reminiscent of what a lot of this island looked like some 20-30 years ago.  When I was growing up the Newport/Middletown line at Easton’s beach looked nothing like it does today.  Johnny’s was a one level building with cracking white paint and an oversized lobster sign on top of it.  Easton’s Point (where I grew up) and its little streets like Shore Dr. were full of working class houses and small boats.  Island Park is a hark back to those days.  In the park there are still houses with cracked shell driveways and an abundance of watercraft just lying around waiting to be photographed…

Follow the “Photo” link for a full high-res version with great detail in the boat!


Set Up


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  1. Wonderful!

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