September 22nd – 28th

The New Guard

Week Five…

This is quite the unexpected post but then again who can really plan anything.  I went to the Marble House today with the idea that I wanted to shoot the Tea House.  I spoke to a few very nice people with the Preservation Society (Marilyn and Andrea) about why I was shooting and they were very enthusiastic and supportive of my idea.  I set up all around the Tea House, shot it from all angles even some detail shots with my off-camera flashes.  Then this cat, which had been hanging  around all day, lined himself right up with the big boys and took his rightful place.  I flicked my camera off its tri-pod (I was setting up for a HDR shot of the front of the building) and slowly worked my way over to my subject.  He was amenable enough until I got too close and then he let out a big roar.

Upon returning home I uploaded all my photos and started the editing process.  I quickly stopped and Googled the Tea House to see what I was up against.  Looking through the image results I saw the same picture again and again and I knew that my images of the Tea House would fall into that impressive repetition so I made the easy decision to post this shot.  With this blog I am not trying to capture the postcard view of the island rather I am trying to show how I see the island.  And today I serendipitously saw a mini-panther guarding old-lady Vanderbilt’s tea house.

Photo/Set Up


5 Responses to “September 22nd – 28th”

  1. Cute- I like the unexpected- because that’s just my norm!

  2. Garrett – what a great shot. Purrrrrfect

  3. Great shot. Sometimes the art is in the capture, not the detail.

  4. My friend Cassi sent me the link to you blog. Your photos are really beautiful and evocative.

  5. I met this panther during set up of the Food & Wine fest–so comfortable at its lair.

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