September 29th – October 5th

"If you're holding Heaven - spread it around" ~ CASH

Week Six…

Norman Bird Sanctuary has been a wellspring of inspiration for me for as long as I can remember.  Between summer camps, school trips and a few sneaky afternoons (I still blame my bigger sister!!!)* NBS was always a playground of exploration and awe.  As the years went by I saw the woods change around me and it was always for the better.  Today was no different.  I could write about this shot and setting up the off camera lighting in the woods and the duality in my mind of technology vs nature but I’d rather let you know about something I couldn’t capture on film.  After I took this shot I walked to the pond to shoot a set of pictures for a panoramic.  Just before the pond I noticed something to my left, something brown which matched the underbrush in color but not in shape.  It was a doe laying with her legs under her and head craned toward the path.  I stopped walking and just stared into her soft black eyes.  As I was standing there I heard some people coming around the corner.  I put one finger to my lips and motioned them toward me.  The mother and father with infant in-tow crept over and the four of us stood there silently watching the resting doe.  This is what NBS is about, this is why we have such an impressive nature preserve on our island.

The Norman Bird Sanctuary is hosting their 35th annual Harvest Fair this weekend, click here for more information and to support NBS.


Set Up

* I have to let you, my readers, know that some years ago I had the pleasure of having a short story published in the inaugural issue of Balancing the Tides.  It was a story based upon a memory of my sister and I sneaking into the Bird Sanctuary.  She claims that it never happened and I am steadfast that I remember every detail of my childhood!


5 Responses to “September 29th – October 5th”

  1. Norman Bird Sanctuary is a very special place. I remember taking lots of walks there, even cleared some trails for them at one point in time. Love the pond. Serenity. Need to get back.

  2. I’m still denying it- but I love that place. You really captured it’s essence with this shot- great job!

  3. Thank you, Garrett for both the story and the picture!

  4. Beautiful job G! It makes me wish I could visit you again this fall. This picture captures that same feeling we all experienced at the apple orchard.

  5. Garrett,
    Just saw this link on the fluke newsletter and I love these pictures… you are awesome…. Can’t wait to come home over Christmas and get willied with you at the Fluke bar… Miss you buddy. Can’t wait to see the snowy pictures.

    One love,

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