October 6th – 12th

By garrettseiple

October 6, 2009

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Screw Details...

Week Seven…

I just want to start out this entry with a quick thank you to all my followers.  With last week’s post I surpassed one thousand hits.  When I started this project I wondered if I would lose motivation along the way.  If I continue to see the support that I have been getting, I do not believe that any loss of motivation would be possible.  So thank you again.

State Pier no. 9 is where this was shot.  No. 9 is the working class side of the Newport boating world.  Bookended by the mega-yachts of the Newport Shipyard and the sailing vessels of the Newport Yacht Club this set of docks are full of fishing boats, pulled traps and F-350s.  These docks are traversed by seafaring men which always seem to be simultaneously coming and going: one casting off into the sunset as one makes it back to the docks just before the dark settles in.

Why did I pick this spot for a mid-October post?  Truth be told I was heading down to Brenton State Park to shoot an off camera lit HDR of the sunset and the flag post at the marine memorial.  Then I passed Pier no. 9 and pulled a U-turn in a hotel parking lot and went to explore the docks.  This is how Newport gets its seafood and being a bartender by night, these docks are partially responsible for me being able to afford my camera equipment.  This is how our island got its reputation.  This is the reason we have that memorial in the first place.  And these boats, brutes by nature, are full of detail.  A dichotomy lost in the brashness of the job they perform.  But there is a graceful nature to these ships, if not only seen in the sheer silhouette of their parts.

Photo/Set Up


5 Responses to “October 6th – 12th”

  1. awesome shot! Haven’t shot over there since like march but i’ve gotten some rad pictures off those docks.

  2. Beautiful! I love the sunset from there- one of the best spots on the island.

  3. Absolutely stunning. I love the colors…

  4. The black silhouette of the ships working parts contrasted against the bright orange sky truly let the viewer see the positive and negative that are associated with being a seaman.

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