October 20th – 26th

The Fall of the House of George

Week nine…

OK so it’s a cheesy caption.  A cheesy take on the title of that famous Poe short story, but it’s nearing Halloween and one thinks of old Edgar this time of year.

To me nothing harks back to the days of old like the tower of the chapel at St. Georges school.  The Gothic spires reaching up from the highest point on our Island.  The brown stone pulled from some quarry off in a distant land by pilgrims building and edifice to their lord.  The chapel has always been inspiration for me.  While studying writing in Florida and London I often thought back on those spires.  I wrote poems and stories set around that icon.  I made up tales of bagpipe playing brothers of the cloth who would play at sunset from the towers.  Tales of a love lost young man who would walk the ruins of the hilltop church seeking some answer.  Or I would simply use the hill and the chapel as a minor detail along the way, not too specific but too poignant not to notice.

I speak of story and fiction for the chapel doesn’t date back to some mystic date in history.  It has the likeness of the churches I once explored in the British countryside but only dates back to 1928.  It’s relative youth doesn’t deter me though.  I have a childhood of memories on that hill.  I spent every snowy winter day on that hill, my dad with his thick leather mittens pulling our toboggan back up the hill while my sister and I were at his heels trying to hide from the wind and trying to steal a lift back up for another race down the hill.  Then later in my youth I climbed all the big trees and dug my initials into them with a pocket knife, forever solidifying my place on campus.

Photowise: this week is a deviation.  I generally like to shoot these kind of shots with small small apertures like f/22, f/18 or maybe f/11 if i want some blurriness or bokeh.  But for this shot I went all in and all the way down to f/2.8.  I put the focus on the small flowers in the bottom left corner and fired away.  I want this blog to be about exploration, not just of the island but of photography as well.  I am looking forward to the winter and more indoor shots where I may be more inclined to dive into the strobist world.  For now though, I will make use of the 60 degree bright sunshiney days while I still can.

Photo/Set Up


4 Responses to “October 20th – 26th”

  1. Another excellent shot- I love how its so crisp & clear in the foreground and almost mysterious by the church. (I know nothing about photography, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of sophisticated insight as to the techniques).

  2. The technique is secondary to what you feel and see in the final product so I think you got it dead on!!!

  3. I never made up stories about the St. Georges spires when i was little, but I was totally convinced that it was where Paddington Bear went to have tea with the Queen.

    Great photo, I really like this project!

  4. I think that those are cat of nine tails in the middle of the picture. As a kid my friends and I would take one and light the end with a match and pretend we were smoking. Amazing how photos evoke memories.

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