October 27th – November 2nd

"We are the small axe, sharp and ready" B. Marley

Week Ten…

This should be a spring time post with the cutting and splitting of wood but the logs are from a tree that Charles and I fell this week which was dead dead.  The tree was on my sister’s property up in Tiverton and it needed to come down and I needed fire wood!

Splitting wood has to be one of my favorite past times.  There is just something elemental about swinging an axe, feeling it hit the wood, hearing the snap of the wood being divided, smelling the freshly split wood which is not quite green yet not dead and then burning that wood to keep you warm through the winter.  I was raised with a wood burning stove and have always loved to chop wood.  And even before I could swing an axe, the 8-foot sections my dad got delivered each spring were a seasonal playground in which we built log forts.  The hatchet in the photo is my grandfather’s.  I found it hanging behind his workbench one day.  I’m sure he had a use for it however it had never been sharpened so I took a stone and some oil to it and gave it a new life.  The hatchet makes easy work of the little stuff: the branches too thick to use for kindling and too small to chop with the 3.5lb splitting axe.  It just has to be sharp and ready.


Set Up (fun stuff in this jump: two flash set up)

I also had the opportunity to shoot the Roger Williams Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular this weekend:  follow this link for some of the highlights!


2 Responses to “October 27th – November 2nd”

  1. The detail of this photo looks like there is a well sharpened blade on that heirloom. You must have a cutting edge camera to get that shot.

  2. My grandmother Luella Thomas chopped wood until age 99, placed it in the trough to the basement to be stacked for the wood burning furnace. Unfortunately her hip broke while chopping, she fell and was hospitalized for the first time in her life much to her shagrin. They replaced her furnace with an oil burner and removed her wood stove in the kitchen to be replaced with an electric stove. Horrors! She lived to be 104 in her own home, played the piano and loved her home. She never grew to appreciate the new furnace or the electric stove!

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