November 3rd – 9th

Gold and Green

Week Eleven…

I’m a day late and I blame daylight savings.  Well that and I spent yesterday and today chopping wood, again.  But it just feels better to blame daylight savings.

This is just a simple shot of Trinity Church.  I did a three-step bracket and then merged the shots into a HDR image.  I have a similar shot that I took in the spring when the trees were just starting to bloom so it felt right for me to take one now when the trees are turning.  I also felt the desire to shoot something big and bold.  For the last few posts I’ve been doing more personal shots and I wanted to put in a big iconoclastic image.  So here it is: a big, bright blue sky with a white towering steeple…go out and enjoy these last warm fall days!



2 Responses to “November 3rd – 9th”

  1. Very nice, bold and crisp. Good use of these last nice days. I don’t think there will be many more weeks like this one! I know where you can find some more wood to chop if you are out.

  2. As always looking good. I’ve never been skilled at hdr. Email me next time you’re chopping wood.

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