November 17th – 23rd

By garrettseiple

November 17, 2009

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Week Thirteen…

“Beneath this stone more beauty lay

Than bronze of marble could portray

Her inner radiance outward shone

Far with the soul had heavenward flown”

This is the epitath on the tomb that is in the foreground of the picture.  (click here for link to full picture of the epitath)

This amazing structure is the chapel of St. Columba Church.

The church was originally known as The Berkeley Memorial Chapel (in honor of Bishop Berkeley of Derry, who stayed in nearby Whitehall)..The cornerstone of the chapel was laid on October 11, 1884. The first service was held on June 23, 1885, even though the chapel was not complete…the chapel had a close association with Saint George’s School in Middletown. Many of the ordained teachers officiated at services, and before the school’s own chapel was built, boys walked to St. Columba’s for Sunday worship.” (taken from the St. Columba Chapel website)

Countless are the times I have driven by this church and much fewer are the times I have stopped and walked the acre plus grounds.  Though each time I drove by I was taken aback by the overall landscape of the property.  A few weeks back (October 20th – 26th) I wrote about about exploring chapels in the British countryside and today’s exploration had a similar feel.  Some nine years ago I hiked through Wales and England and one day I took a simple lunch on the grounds of the Church of St. Cadoc’s in Llangattock-Lingoed.  A church more similar in the grounds than the structure of the building.  That day I sat among the graves, ate in silence and noted in my journal:

It was a humbling place and I’m very glad that I stopped and ate there, I’m also glad that there were no other people around.  It would have been a completely different situation if there were tourists around or a groundskeeper or someone who would have put modern day life into this living recollection from hundreds upon hundreds of years ago.

Little did I know I could have that same feeling on the island I call home.



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