November 24th – 30th

Week Fourteen…

“Them are they glad because they are at rest

And so he bringeth them unto their desired haven

They that go down to the sea in ships

And occupy their business in great waters

These men see the works of the Lord

And his wonders in the deep

For he maketh the storm to cease

So that the waves therefor are still”

These words form the boarder which crowns the chapel at the Seamen’s Church Institute.  This is a detail of the right side of the alter in this small yet powerful chapel  Note that the alter is all hand carved wood made to look like tooled leather.

While in a conversation about ideas for today’s post I began to think about what Thanksgiving truly means.  And the Seamen’s Church Institute promptly came to mind.  Their doors have been open to men and women of both the land and the sea since 1919.  The institute, in their own words, offers assistance to mariners, waterfront workers, visitors and the members of the community.  This is a near century old organization which personifies the fundamental elements of this up-coming holiday.  Countless are the people who are and have been thankful for this port in whatever storm, both literal and figurative, they were overtaken by.

I walked the building before I asked to permission to shoot and while in the lower study I saw laundry baskets filled with food.  These were some of the 300 plus Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that will be given out this year to those in need within our community.  For one, I am thankful that an organization like this holds such an impressive place and structure on our waterfront and thanks to the Deed of Gift and Articles of Association, this building will continue to be used for its charitable purpose.


I have also created a set on my flickr page with some of the other shots I took in the chapel (click here for the link)


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