December 1st – 7th

I Want Some Clam Cakes

Week fifteen…

Be it at the original in Portsmouth (pictured above) or the one across the street from 1st beach in Middletown chances are that you, my reader, have been to Flo’s.  And if you haven’t been there is no excuse, especially the: I don’t like seafood excuse, for there is the # 8 which consists of two hot dogs and a bottle of Moet for a mere 49.99$ and who doesn’t like hot dogs and Champagne?

I wanted to shoot Flo’s today because it’s the first of December.  It’s cold today and they’re talking about snow this week.  I wanted to take something that is iconoclasticly summer and post it now, just as a reminder that as fast as winter has crept up on us, summer will too.  I mean, Christmas is 24 days away (not that I’m counting), and then there’s Valentines day, maybe someone’s birthday, then St. Patty’s day, then it’s Easter and the flowers are popping up and then boom: you have glass of bubbly in your hand, a crumbled up napkin on the picnic table, a little mustard on the corner of your mouth and you’re eyeing that last clam cake just soaking in vinegar.

I for one am going to get a tree this weekend, dive into the holidays, wear a santa hat, get into some wassailing and then when it’s all said and done I’m gonna look back on this post and say yea: Summer is right around the corner…


p.s.: I’m pretty sure that I butchered the proper usage of iconoclastic in the above post and I’m pretty sure I’m ok with it!!!


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