December 15th – 21st

A Perfectly Lit Tree

Week Seventeen…

Last week while at work I met a very nice couple who have been following this blog.  They were turned onto this posting by a mutual friend.  While sitting at the bar they asked what I was going to shoot for the upcoming week.  I thought while I was shaking and mixing cocktails and then told them that I wanted to get a tree farm shot.  In my head I pictured a light dusting of snow on the trees and capturing a pulled back view of full row of fir’s.

Then later at home when I realized that there would be no perfect Disney snow storm for my shoot I began to think on how I could make this idea work.  And the above is the exact manifestation of what I envisioned in my head.  A well-lit tree perched high into the sunset.

I shot this at Thurston Tree Farm out in Portsmouth.  I pulled into the little dirt driveway with the sun well into its descent.  The idea would have had to have been scratched if this farm wasn’t what I had pictured for there was no time to run to another site.  There would be no need though to think about other locations.  As I walked up to the little shack a very nice and kindly older gentleman was there to greet me.  He had a hand saw in his hand and began to feel bad that I wasn’t going to buy a tree from him.  I simply asked if I could shoot some of the trees on his property and he couldn’t have been happier to have me there, sale or no sale.  He told me that there was a very picturesque pond at the bottom of his property but I knew what I wanted had to be higher up.  I set up, fired away, and ran back and forth with my off-camera flash.  Being in such a rush I didn’t have time to set up a proper light situation so I improvised.

I thanked the jolly man in the shed (whom had helped three customers pick out trees while I was there).  We talked for a few minuets and we introduced ourselves:  he was the proprietor of the farm, Mr. George Thurston.  I really liked that he was out there all bundled up, cheeks all red from the cold and helping with a smile on his face.  On the way out he told me that I was welcome to come and “park and click anytime.”  I will be taking him up on that invitation.



2 Responses to “December 15th – 21st”

  1. This was a fantastic shot. Thanks for the capture.

  2. love this one!

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