December 22nd – 28th

One Set of Footprints

Week eighteen…

“It lifts existence  on a plane of snow

One level higher then the earth below,

One level nearer heaven overhead…”

~Frost:  From: A Winter Eden

Though I am an admitted summer kind of guy, a day like yesterday and a shot like this really highlights how beautiful this season can be.  I shot this yesterday, on the shortest day of the year, at 4:11 pm.

There is something about being one of the first people to walk through fresh snow.  There was one set of footprints going through the woods.  Just one person had seen what we saw yesterday.  I was originally hoping that there would be no footprints at the bottom of this 19th century quarry but I was overjoyed to find the solitaire set of tracks.  Just another example of how you can’t plan shots like this, you just have to be ready to capture anything around you.

Ballard Park is a magical place that I am still learning.  Having grown up with Norman Bird Sanctuary as part of my backyard I never ventured through this park but have been several times in the last months.  I am really looking forward to spring time and watching this place bloom.  To learn more about Ballard Park click here.


I would also like to publicly thank Ted Hayes and Newport This Week for the article they ran on this project.  Mr. Hayes did a great job capturing the spirit of what I am trying to convey with this blog.

p.s. As of today the days are getting longer!


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  1. Absolutely stunning

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