January 5th – 11th

"Into the great wide open" T. Petty

Week Twenty…

So Santa and I had a little talk after Christmas and he told me to go online at B&H and pick out whatever I wanted and well…I got a fish eye lens that I’ve had my eye on for over a year now.  It’s a Sigma 15mm diagonal lens.  I had my eye on this thing for so long because it is not a full bubble eyed lens.  How close I get to my subject determines how much warp there is in the photo.  I like the above photo because of the line of the fence.  It stretches almost the entire length of the frame but only has a slight warp to it.  Not the natural way our eyes would see this expanse of land on the north west side of the island but still a fun capture.

As a child we wouldn’t go by this rest stop all too often but coming back from Colt State Park in the summer or after wrestling meets at Roger Williams College in the winter we would drive on this part of West Main Road and I would marvel at the open track of land.  Then after Jurassic Park came out I swore that if we had dinosaurs that is where they would live (it was 1992, I was 12, give me a break!).  Back then the now Carnegie Abbey tower was nothing more than the tallest abandoned building I had ever seen.  The  field below was simply rolling grass, now it’s 9 irons and sand traps.  But I felt it was still a good capture with a thick layer of snow on the greens.  Enjoy and if anyone wants to fund a 52 week project in ohhh let’s say the Florida Keys or even some remote warm place in Mexico, I’m ready to stop shooting in sub-freezing weather!!! Ha!



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