December 19th – 25th


Week Twenty-Two…

Salvation comes in many forms and many times it has come from within these doors.  Name aside this restaurant has always had the feel of walking into another world.  From the tin Gulf sign on the wall to the old record sleeves, from the almost Indian semi-enclosed dining to the full on Tiki-Bar this place transports one to another place.  What’s more is that it is also the corner stone which the Broadway boom has been built upon.  There was Friends (now Pour Judgement) and Aidan’s Pub (now Fastnet) but it was truly Salvation Cafe which stepped out and showed that we were looking for a style (even if that style wasn’t a true style and just a great mix of everything).  And from Salvation we have Norey’s and Tucker’s Bistro and POP and soon the 5th Element all within the same block.

I have been asked often if I want to do business’ on this blog.  The short answer is no, the long answer is of course (if that makes sense to you then more power to you).  We’ve been enjoying Salvation a lot lately, they’ve got some killer deals and it’s just a great place to go, escape the cold and well…dream about it being warm enough for the Tiki bar to open!




2 Responses to “December 19th – 25th”

  1. Yayaya. I have a photo. That plate too…

  2. We used to be regulars there, lived in Newport for many years. We moved to TX recently and invented the peace sign holiday decoration and already it’s spread all the way up the east coast! Pleasantly surprised – keep up the great work on food and decorations.


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