January 26th – February 2nd

By garrettseiple

January 26, 2010

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Week Twenty-Three…

Yup, this is the post for the week.

Today felt like spring.  The weather reminded me of those early baseball practices.  The ones where you wore thin gloves under your glove and layers of sweatshirts and were there was a definite chill to the air but it was still a welcome relief to winter.  Now, I’m getting ahead of myself, I know.  The winter is not over.  We just had a warm day but I was out there and so were some farm animals.

This here donkey resides at Simmons Farm on West Main Road in Middletown.  Simmons Farm was founded in 1800 and sits on an impressive 165 acres.  Simmons is the largest certified organic farm in Rhode Island and serves not only the local food stands and farmer’s markets but has working relations with many of the top restaurants in Rhode Island including the restaurant at As220 and Blackstone Catering.  I have been waiting to shoot here for while and with the temperature spike today coupled with the fact that I went to a lecture on the “Economic Development Framework for Sustainable Agriculture” at URI last week, I felt like the time to shoot was now.

And for all you parents out there…Simmons is also a petting  farm…The donkey gave my lens a little kiss right after this shot!


p.s. you can find Simmons Farm on Facebook


2 Responses to “January 26th – February 2nd”

  1. You’re lovin’ that new lens, aren’tcha?!? Fun!

  2. Great picture… haven’t been this close to a donkey in quite a while. In the spirit of balanced photo journalism can we get a close-up of an elephant?
    We enjoyed the warmer weather too, but it’s snowing today.

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