February 2nd – 8th

By garrettseiple

February 2, 2010

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Open for the Cold

Week Twenty-Four…

My dear readers, this week was experiment week.  I had read a tutorial on sunset open exposures and wanted to give it a shot.  The article detailed the use of different filters during sunset to get a haze of the waves going back and forth and deep saturated colors in the sky…and well…I’ll say that the author of the article did not shoot his in sub-freezing degrees with ocean winds whipping up to 20mph in his face…I feel that I got the idea right with the rock in focus and highlighted while the house on the spit is pretty crisp in its silhouette, however I will be trying this technique again with better filters and more favorable weather conditions.

And of all the places on the Island I chose Rejects beach simply because I wish it was time to go back there and soak up some rays.  I’m nearing the point in the winter where I drink one too many cups of coffee one morning and end buying a ticket to someplace warm by the time the sun goes down…but until that happens here are some quick numbers that are keeping me going…

45 days till winter is over…

41 days till Tautog season opens…

30 days until the first Red Sox spring training game (not including the game against B.C.)…

Hold tight my friends…it will be over soon!



3 Responses to “February 2nd – 8th”

  1. But soft, what light from yon horizon breaks?
    ‘Tis the west, and winter is the sun.
    Begone, winter sun,
    Take thy bitter wind with thee!
    Arise, summer sun, and kill the winter wind,
    Who is already sick and pale with grief
    For having chilled our fave photog.

  2. Photo’s keep getting better.

  3. Have to start getting my Tautog gear ready to go.

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