February 9th – 15th

Spring Thaw???

Week Twenty-Five…

Welcome to New England.  This picture was snapped yesterday around 2 in the afternoon.  It was in the 40’s and a great day to walk some puppies (or have them walk you…either way).  Now less than 24 hours later Rhode Island is in crisis lock-down from this storm…

This was a hand-held shot.  I wish that I had my tri-pod on me but such were the ordeals of the morning that I left the house with only my camera bag.  I do like the last bit of ice hanging on in the thicket of the fallen branches.  This was shot in the woods on the back side of the Glen.  For those of you who are just joining the blog; I shot on the back side of the glen on my third week of this project.  Then it was a soft afternoon; I was in flip flops and I remember that I kicked them off as I ran back and forth from the camera to the off-camera flashes, trying to sync and dial in my lighting…yesterday I crunched dead leaves under my boots and nestled myself into some dead branches to try and stabilize myself as I shot this quick creek.

Do any of you remember what you were doing the second week of September???



2 Responses to “February 9th – 15th”

  1. Second week in Sept…. going to a UNC – UConn football game. Carolina won 12-10.
    Leaving for Fla in a week to get an early start on the “spring thaw”.

  2. What was I doing the second (or the first or the third week) in September? Working in the vegetable garden.

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