February 23rd – March 1st

A View of Home

Week twenty-seven…

So I shot at Norman Bird Sanctuary again and in a way I also shot at Purgatory Chasm for a second time.  However, the images from all three times are very distinctive and portray each place in a different light.

I shot this on Saturday, you remember Saturday…that beautiful and refreshing day brought to us global warming…yea, it was nice.  I took a long walk that day with an old friend.  We took our lunch on the leeward side of hanging rock, tempeh and avocado sandwiches and good strong coffee, and really just basked in the much needed warmth.  It was a nice reprieve from the cold winter.

A few weeks back when I shot the fish-eye shot at Purgatory Chasm I Google searched images of the chasm and came across an article from Harper’s Weekly from 1873.  The article has a few images of the harbor downtown and an image of the Old Stone Mill.  But what really got my attention were the two images at the end of the article.  There are two, what I believe to be postcards, depicting Hanging Rock and Purgatory Chasm and it is amazing to see the difference of 137 years.  It made me think of this project and how hopefully in another hundred plus years someone will look back on my images and feel the same wonderment that I feel when I see images from our island’s history.  When I started this I had no ambition to create something that will last generations but the feeling has been growing.  But while we wait for that to happen check out the article I am talking about…

Harper’s Weekly 1873



2 Responses to “February 23rd – March 1st”

  1. I like the contrast between the colors. You captured it nicely.

  2. Nice Shot! I love the little stretch of clouds at the top

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