March 2nd – 8th

I think I smell spring

Week Twenty-Eight

Common Fence Point, one of the most over-looked and yet tranquil spots on our dear island. I love it out here and even I drive by it on Rt. 24 with out blinking. I entered under the old railway bridge and was instantly in another town, nay, state of mind. There were people on their lunch breaks walking their dogs, all of whom gave a cordial wave as I slowly made my way through the winding and crisscrossing streets. I crisscrossed all the way to the Northernmost point on the island and found a small dirt footpath through the reeds and sea grasses. Once again I felt as if I was somewhere else. A warm March day, a gentle breeze, tufts of dune grass and the shape of a bridge I know well but from perspective that tricked me into believing that I was somewhere much further away from my home.

Today was a great day. Warm, peaceful, and hopefully a sign of more days like this soon!



One Response to “March 2nd – 8th”

  1. I think that I shall never pass
    A scene as lovely as this grass.

    Poems are inferred by plagiarists like me
    But Garrett’s images are glory be.

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