March 9th – 15th

"Now ever since I was a child I can remember that mansion on the hill." Mansion on the Hill, ~ The Boss

Week Twenty-Nine…

For those of you who are not familiar with The Boss…well, it was nice having you follow the blog…I’m just kidding, don’t leave.  The song details a man’s reflection on growing up in the shadow of a higher class.  Now this mansion on the hill (or cliff rather, we prefer cliffs on this island to hills), while impressive and just a little out of my price range, is probably drafty and haunted so I am happy where I am!

All jokes aside this “house” commands respect.  This is the Beacon Rock Mansion.  From it’s inception it was aptly dubbed the Acropolis of Newport  and held several of the America’s Cup defenders.  It was also once residence to Felix De Weldon, the famous sculptor who made the flag raising sculpture of the Marines at Iwo Jima.

If I was at all awed by that house as a child, like Mr. Springsteen wrote, I have since forgotten.  Though I do have many, many fond memories of launching our family boat out of the Ft. Adams boat ramp.  I know I remember the cliffs there, and watching the birds perch and launch from them but I feel as if I was always too excited and literally looking forward to the days adventure to notice such a house.  Funny how a child thinks I guess…

Well, I hope everyone has been taking advantage of this great weather, let’s just hope it stays!



2 Responses to “March 9th – 15th”

  1. The Boss?! Ok – now we’re talking. My fav rocker and another excellent shot…can it get any better?
    Still want to hire you to shoot forty steps for mom…Hmm?

  2. Great picture! Pretty sure the great weather didn’t stay though.

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