March 23rd -29th

Mini Ruggles

Week Thirty-One…

I, myself, am an avid surfer however I have not been able to surf Winter swell for some time now.  Something about spending all my money on camera equipment and eating rice and beans and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon has kept from buying a winter suit.  Ok, it’s not that drastic but I haven’t had a proper winter suit for some years now, hence why I’m shooting on days with surf this good.

This was shot on Wednesday the 24th and it was a great reprieve from the rain that we had in the begining of the week.  The style of this shot is called tilt and shift and I am having fun exploring the results of this type of image.



3 Responses to “March 23rd -29th”

  1. The surf may be good but the water looks very cold. Smart to be holding the camera and not rideing the wave!

  2. Amazing shot. Great spray. Like the tilt shift, did you add the blur in post? Days like that are too nice to pass up on the right coast!

  3. I love the look of a tilt-shift lens on something like this, it makes everything look like toy miniatures. It creates such an interesting picture. Nice shot Garrett!

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