April 13th – 19th

Cherry Blossoms

Week Thirty-Four:

I really want to take a picture of the Home Depot on the island for this weeks shot because lately I’ve spent more time there than anywhere else.  I’m not kidding…sometimes three trips in a day, I know the place inside and out, recognize the staff and take full advantage of the free coffee they have there.  On the plus side there are several homes on this fair island that look amazing now due to the Depot, hours of raking and cubic yards and yards of sweet sweet mulch!

These ornamental cherry trees are along Purgatory Ave in Middletown right across from the skating rink at St. Georges.  And for all you photographers there is some strobist info for this shot, I did a little day time off camera lighting (had to do something fancy to make up for the shot being so late this week!!!)





One Response to “April 13th – 19th”

  1. Garrett –

    I know it’s way past when you posted this, but I’m taking a break and decided to look at some of your pictures. I came to this one and cannot see to stop thinking about the spring in Korea. It brought back so many wonderful memories and traveling adventures. This my solace today – thank you.

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