May 4th – 10th

upside down and purple

Week Thirty-Seven

So, I don’t know what kind of flower this is and I just need to say I’m sorry to one of my readers: Mr. Angelo, I’m sorry.  I broke out Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide and tried all morning to figure out what kind of flower this is but it was to no avail.  Irregular Flower: Wildflowers with Opposite or Whorled Leaves: Leaves entire…..I just couldn’t find it!  Sorry buddy, but take solace in the fact that I still have my high school text books and they are not far off hand!

This was taken in my backyard.  My parents came over the other day and we dug up my garden.  My garden extends off a bed of flowers and rose bushes that my grandmother planted some 20 years ago.



2 Responses to “May 4th – 10th”

  1. Hey Garrett! Very cool site- I haven’t gotten to all of the pics yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Especially like the commentaries that accompany each one. Best of luck! Erica

  2. “That flower is a Columbine or an aquilegia” – you can thank Lynne Merrill (aka, Crazy Lynne, Mama Bear), the woman knows her flowers, took one look and came out with not one name but two! hahah!

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