May 11th – 17th

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Week Thirty-Eight…

Nothing says summer and relaxing like the Adirondack chairs at Castle Hill.  Except, it’s not summer yet and I did spend two years slinging drinks out there to other people relaxing…that being said, I headed out there this week with my camera instead of a wine key and was reminded of the magic of that property.  Last summer I did get to take advantage of Castle Hill’s charm with a bottle of rose champagne and a lovely lady and I plan on doing it again this summer.

There is just a mystique to the property.  The views from the house looking out on the bay and Jamestown are unparalleled.  And if one watches long enough you see all sorts of traffic coming in and out of the harbor.  From Cruise ships to fishing charters, Car transport ships to the lobster boat pictured here.  This boat, sometimes single handed, works the southern part of the bay.  I have watched this man and his passion fish the bay for years.  All year long he is out there.  His bright boat starkly contrasting against a cold January day.

So there you have it, week 38, a little Jack Johnson quote and a peaceful picture to help as his week as our New England weather plays cat and mouse with us.  Enjoy!


Check out the posts on scribble maps, thanks to my pops!


One Response to “May 11th – 17th”

  1. Hi Garrett – thanks for featuring Castle Hill as one of your 52 weeks! We’ve linked to your article on our Facebook page: Thanks again!

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