May 18th – 24th

"Welcome to the carnival, anything can happen." W. Jean

Week Thirty-Nine…

The coming of Spring means many things: baseball, Tatog, purdy flowers, mowing the lawn, longer nights, mint julep drinking floppy hat derby season, digging in the garden, seersucker suits and of course…the carnival coming to town!

The carnival is a tradition steeped in vagrancy and that innocent need to take yourself to the edge of your own demise and try not to loose your funnel cakes as you walk away from that edge.  Ahh the blurry, near vomit memories of being upside down on the Gravitron, the life threatening and ever so violent Zipper car,  the rug burn races down the potato sack slide, the wasted money on the mid-way and the deep deep fried, well, everything!    The carnival is all of that and I love it.

Last year I took my camera and did some open exposure night time shots of the carnival, you can see them HERE.  Though I think those are some of my best shots of all time, this week I wanted to try something new.  I could have replicated the same shot and I thought about it but I want to try new things here and what we have this week is similar to my mini-Ruggels shot except this is all in camera.  Lower f/stop and hand focused detail.  Hope you enjoy and hope you get down there for some corn dogs!!!


Scribble Maps


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