May 25th – 31st

Week Forty…

For those of you who are completely out of the loop; Steven Spielberg is in town and showing off his aquatic version of the Millennium Falcon.  After filming Amistad in Newport he fell in love with our island and has brought a part of his latest project to show off here on our island.  Though this aquatic version of Star Wars will be filmed off the coast of Wales later this summer, Spielberg is touring the states with this juggernaut of a ship to promote what will most definitely be a bad, bad rip off of a once great trilogy…

O.K., I am completely lying…however the truth of this amazing ship is more impressive than an aquatic Star Wars re-make.  This ship is the M80 Stiletto, a naval prototype ship manufactured by the M Ship Co.  This unique and beyond impressive vessel is in town as a part of the Ocean Tech Expo being held at the Newport Yachting Center.  It is also a home coming for one of the co-founders and the chief designer of the M Ship, Bill Burns.  Bill is a native of Middletown and like the rest of his family, a proven waterman.

I highly recommend heading down to the yachting center and catching a glimpse of this ship.  It is honestly akin to seeing a stealth bomber, however, in the water.


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