June 8th – 14th

You Pick 'Em

Week Forty-Two…

If you’ve never had the pleasure of picking your own strawberries then you are missing out on something relaxing, delicious and magical.  One of my favorite aspects of strawberry picking is when you push aside the flat green leaves and find those bright red gems hidden just above the ground.  Quonset View Farm is one of those gems sitting right in our backyard. Quonset View Farm has been in operation since 1901 and they boasts some of the most spectacular views on the island.

I went picking yesterday with my oldest friend Dan and his fiance Chloe (who is pictured above).  On the drive to the farm he and I told stories of growing up on the island and going to the farm to pick berries and cut Christmas Trees.  He tells a story of being a child and thinking that this farm was somewhere magical off the island.  And I can relate to his story for there are many places on this island that transport you away from the main roads and shopping malls, and Quonset is one of these places.


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2 Responses to “June 8th – 14th”

  1. Yummy! I was hoping you would take a photo of some strawberries.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting and choosing our farm as part of your 52 weeks on Aquidneck! The photos we got to check out when you visited were AMAZING! Thanks again!

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