July 13th – 19th

By garrettseiple

July 15, 2010

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Week Forty-Seven…

In the continuation of my farm theme, yesterday I went to one of the three weekly farmer’s markets we have on the island.  And to be honest my dear friends, this was my first time at a farmer’s market on the Island.  I know, I know but you have to realize that I have a farmer’s market in my parents back yard so in my mind there wasn’t a need to go buy veggies when I could get them from my backyard or my parents however I have been missing out on a lot.  There is more than carrots and lettuce at these things!  Narraganset Creamery was there and I sampled some of their Salty Sea Feta which is gently brined in sea salt and I bought some fresh mozz from them.  Simmon’s farm was there with a beautiful display of veggies and a selection of their organic meat.  I saw a fellow bartender there and while we were talking he said he was there for the Pork Chops and he comes every week to get them.

This shot is of bread, yup, bread.  It is from Provencal Bakery which is located in Middletown.  I served, and ate, a lot of this stuff while I was working at Castle Hill and I have to say, it’s great stuff.  There is nothing like a fresh sourdough loaf.  I didn’t buy a big loaf yesterday while I was there though because something else caught my eye on the table.  There were these little flaky rolls which had a whole tomato, fresh mozz and chopped herbs in the middle.  It took everything in me to not eat it on the ride home.  I popped it into the toaster oven and had a great snack.

I think we have a great little community here on the island and I hope that with this photo project I am helping to add to the culture of this great island.


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2 Responses to “July 13th – 19th”

  1. This photo is making me hungry!

  2. I bet you could sell this picture for a lot of “dough”.

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