July 20th – 26th

By garrettseiple

July 23, 2010

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A little hideaway

Week Forty-Eight…

We all have them, those little places on the island that we call our own, even if they aren’t ours at all.  The friend’s backyard on the point in Newport, the uncle’s place in Portsmouth, a favorite rock on Sachuest Point or a walking trail through Norman Bird Sanctuary.  A place that let’s us escape, reminds us of quite times or nothing at all.  This is not unique to our island but I know that this place I call home, is what many, many others call their hideaway.  Perhaps some of the vacationers know of a little corner as tranquil as what is pictured above but perhaps it is simply that the island itself that looks like this to them.  We are in the height of tourist season here and our roads are packed, the restaurants are full and the beach is speckled with brightly colored umbrellas.  Everyone has their reasons for coming and we that are fortunate enough to live here have our reasons for staying, this is one of my reasons.



One Response to “July 20th – 26th”

  1. Beautiful shot, Garrett. You just get better and better. Love the setting, one of my favorites!!!

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