July 27th – August 2nd

By garrettseiple

July 30, 2010

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The Other Side

Week Forty-Nine…

A few weeks back, actually it was 4th of July weekend, Melissa and I went the rocks for a swim and we meet up with Rachael, her mom Joann and Josie.  We all swam and while we were basking in the sunlight everyone started bouncing around ideas for the last few weeks of this project.  Joann suggested this shot.  She said that she loves looking through the tunnel when she walks the cliff walk.  Melissa and I took her dogs for a walk there later in the day and I scouted this shot.  I feel that it is quite fitting for this stage in the project.  The end is close, very close and I feel like this shot exemplifies how I feel…a few more steps, another corner or two and then I’m through the tunnel.


Scribble Maps


2 Responses to “July 27th – August 2nd”

  1. This is lovely Garrett, truly lovely!

  2. Nice framing G, stellar shot.

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