August 3rd – 9th

By garrettseiple

August 6, 2010

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Week Fifty…

Nothing too complicated here, just a little garden bench over looking the Sakonnet River.  To me, what warrants this picture is the location of said bench.  It’s on a little street out in Portsmouth called Cliff Ave. in a neighborhood named the Hummocks.  The Hummocks is now a well defined neighborhood do to the escape bridge built in the 1960s and the highway coming off the Sakonnet River bridge (1956).  But upon entering this neighborhood via the escape bridge you get a sense of the island could have looked like before the 1600’s when settlers arrived.  This bench sits across the street from a small pond surrounded by cedar trees.  The houses, all tastefully built and maintained, are situated among the mounds of puddingstone that the neighborhood was built around.  Across the main road in this little neighborhood you have views of the gravel pits and it doesn’t take too much effort to block out the highway and picture a young Wampanoag in a dug out canoe paddling back out the mouth of the cove with a days haul of quahogs…


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