August 10th – 16th

Week Fifty-One…

So I had some trepidation in choosing this for my second to last shot.  I mean it’s a bust of a bull attached to a house: it’s not too huge, it’s not too monumental and it definitely doesn’t give you the warm and tingly feeling like some other shots would have you feel.  However this is the shot of the week.  I choose it because I love the fact there is a bust of bull at the base of Bull St., a street named for Henry Bull who lived there and was one of the original settlers in Portsmouth and Newport back in 1638.  Bull was a Quaker who served as the Governor of Rhode Island twice and in his younger years colonial militia officer and a jail keeper.

There is another reason I wanted this to be a part of the project.  People have been asking me a lot what the last shots will be and while I have something planned for next week that I won’t tell, I kept throwing out this idea of the bull and nobody knew what I was talking about.  There are so many unique and old aspects to the buildings that surround us that go unnoticed as we drive and walk by in our everyday lives.  Walk down Broadway and look at the buildings: you’ll see gables, artistic returns, copulas and spires.  Walk past the Newport Blues Cafe and you will see the words “Safe Deposit” etched into the ivy choked brownstone building and above the entrance to the next building the words “Organize” and “Co-Operate”.  Then there is one of my favorite buildings in Newport.  The Audrain Building on the corner of Bellevue and Casino Terrace.  It’s a brick and marble building with crests of lions, snakes, falcons and scallop shells.  Also above each arched window there are devilish heads standing guard.

So there it is, the second to last week of the project.  A bull standing tall in memory of a man who helped shape this island and a simple reminder to look up every now and then: you may be surprised at what you find.


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