August 17th – 23rd (Plus a few days!)

This is my Home

Week Fifty Two and a Half…

My dear friends, I am posting a few days late for I did not want to end this blog on a rainy note.  I thought deeply about what was more important to me: putting up a mediocre shot on the last day of the year of this project or waiting three days to capture what I have had in my head for near five months and well, the latter won.

I don’t think I need to explain much about what this is, this is my home shot from above.  This 14 mile long island holds all ways of life and all sorts of history and I hope that in the last year I have been able to capture the island in it’s own element.  I’ve shown this land in both snow and sun, from farms to hot dog shops, futuristic boats to worn fishing vessels .  I thought I knew Aquidneck when I started this last August, I thought I connected to everything this place had to offer but those feelings are shattered now having taken a year to explore where I call home.  I’ve driven through every neighborhood, down close to every street, visited places near to my heart and explored corners I only thought I had explored before.

I tried to show my home in an honest light.  Nothing staged, nothing faked.  I have been asked many times during this project if I had planned out the shots or not and for the most part I would have a location in my head and then adapt my ideas to what was offered to me at said location.  That being said I could not have planned that llama shot but I did drive around the island for 2 hours that day looking for something to shoot!  All in all this project has brought me closer to the island I call home and I am thankful that you all were there to share it with me.

Thank you all for supporting me with your comments and fervor for the project.



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